tried so long to be the sun​/​/​turns out i was the moon

by marae dalgas

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thank you to:
david bowie, who was with me in grade 7 on my beloved 'man who sold the world' t-shirt, who met me on the dream plane and told me to drop everything to record this, who’s painting hung in the pub where we did the final edits. thank you for making the space cadets feel less alone. you guide us all, star child.

to jake for your infallible patience while recording!

all my teachers-plants and spirits for guiding my path and sharing your medicine. ma, pa & pickles, opal-escent moonshine, my spirit family-the wilson street dreamboats, cowichan bumpkins, rocky mountain eternal homies, sean, retzercitas, witch kin + faerie queens, wild children near & far. keep walking down the brambly path, amor eterno!


released February 22, 2016

vocals/ukulele//tambourine/mini harp/wind chimes-marae dalgas
piano/ukelele on ~a stirring-jacob posacki
recorded/mixed-jacob posacki



all rights reserved


Marae Dalgas Victoria, British Columbia

poetry + plant hymns inspired by internal / external explorations of wild landscapes. love songs for all my deer friends and the forces ever guiding us back home.

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Track Name: l. wildrose, birchgrove ll. grandmother nootka
soot covered all we knew
to look upon a sea of eyes
silver birch, glowing
emanating luminous dust
forcing moments of contemplation

on weekends we would scrub sooted knees
brave namesake,
the river nymphs of mosquito creek

the cool waters would wash away our filth
of sweat, anger, doubt
born again
children of the woods

felt hats gathered nootka
who sang sweet, sorrow filled hymns
of all that is to be returned

the medicine of the north
worn into our boots
i still find ash, yarrow, birch
endless pockets
mo(u)rning songs
Track Name: lll. tracks lV. wheeler, 1987
the ash of dawn
won't burn too long and oh
wind she whispers secrets through the birch grove
dust of silver covers all the we know
i will follow your tracks home
i will follow your tracks through the snow

the highway lines
and sidewalk cracks below
windows into worlds
we no longer go
theres a reason why you see it all
but i can't be the one
to make your world slow
i have never been one to follow


snowflakes fell to kiss the ground
headed north over great divide,
treetops held snow so rich and heavy
their bows bent graciously forth
inviting wanderers into the joyous night

an amber light in the distance beckoning,
echoes of merriment, clinking of cups
a night to behold

dancing barefoot, the snow was warm to rambunctious rum
his eyes had the spark
she was raven haired with crimson cap
tales unravelled of the day's tracks
and dusk met new day, midnight of a new year
a rocking chair watchman, symphony of snores
my brother, just a fleck in my father’s eye
as sparks fell to ember bodies danced their quiet music

a winter wedding,
a crimson dress
the springs birthed golden children
wrapped in fleece and stuffed in sacks
to chase tracks and heavy trees, again

sometimes I walk parka clad and wordless
into the quiet of night
follow tracks of coyote
the world is dreaming,
dust of silver draws me into moonlit sanctity
the wind may sing through dappled birch
but no words are uttered, none are needed.
I look up to cerulean tops of
the mountains that raised me
for where would I be
without them
Track Name: el mar, mi alma
the sea she breathes salty
pours silver over skin
a winters retrieval
and new breath of spring

salt escapes my sparkling eyes
to meet the grievances of ocean kissed sailors
the water
thick and receiving
will carry tears to other tides

el mar, mi alma
my soul the sea
Track Name: lightning woman ϟ
i'm sorry if you don't see
divinity in me
rolling off my skin in steam
an ode to avalonian queen
an oh how the wild wind she does blow
a hymn for all my sisters writing stories of their own

oh how the night wanderer she knows
she cries out to the velvet dark
a song to guide us home

and so you learned to fear
divinity in she
power that the eye can't see
a hymn for all my witches

oh how the night wanderer she knows
she cries out to the dark divine
a song to guide us home
Track Name: yarrow
yarrow hymns
cast wild and sharp medicine
to the wind

shoulders drawn back
as fields of white and gold
rejoice the hillside
i take council with the mountain

yarrow kisses fingertips
bitter sting of late summers harvest
and i am learning about love again
in a place your name
rolled off my tongue so long

in the valleys and hills you were omnipresent
but i have found myself in the eternal
you, a shepherd
pied piper of the night

we now walk separate paths towards the sun
and have found a new way of knowing
richer, still
old friend
Track Name: eternal homies mountain yodel
grew up in the mountains
journeyed to the sea
everywhere that i went
everywhere these eyes did see
it was you,
always you

so i left you on a hillside
to see the world my own
when our hands held each other again
your skin no longer home
it was me, always me

theres a place i like to go
in my sleep
its pastel coloured
mountainside eternity

where i yodelehehoo

its we
there its we
we the wild children of
the late sun falling
ever falling into the sea

we the wild children of
the silver crescent moon calling
calling the shore back to the sea

she goes-